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    Know the Different Carpeting Fibers
    When comparing carpet materials, you may be surprised on the numbers of available alternatives. The product that you choose may be based on the space that it will cover. Below are the different carpeting fibers.


    This kind of carpet is made of synthetic polypropylene, also known as olefin. This is ideal for high-traffic zone, resistant to moisture, fading, staining, and static. However, it is prone to crushing when placed under heavy furniture. With it's moisture resistance, this one is ideal alternative for finished basements, entrances, and patios.


    This type of carpet is created from synthetic fiber and is often blended with wool for a soft finish. It is also resistant to both moisture and fading. This one is perfect for rooms that gets a lot of sun or moisture. 


    Polyester is made from recycled products and is therefore more environmentally friendly. This type of carpeting is resistant to stains and holds its shade fairly well. Because it is quite lush, it is perfect for low-traffic rooms.


    This kind of carpeting is the most popular of all types of material. Nylon is both stain and crush resistant and has a wide range of color alternatives. 


    Wool is a durable, soft and environment friendly because of its natural fiber. What's perfect about wool is that it can neutralize contaminants in the air. However, this type of carpeting can be easily stained.

    Evidently, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, you need to consider some factors that may affect the room's quality like the space that it will cover. Stain resistance is also an important factor on choosing your carpeting.  

    Property Site: http://tour.circlepix.com/home/9C322N
    This is a one-of-a-kind offering of a building lot with no design restrictions. The sky is the limit for style possibilities. The lot is pie-shaped with trees and can accommodate a walk out basement design. Great location on quiet cul-de-sac in an upscale neighbourhood with custom homes and range of character. Minutes from UWO, University Hospital, the research park. Be free to build what you want!
    Bathrooms: 0.00
    Price: $259,900

    For more information about this property, please contact DANIELA SCHMIDT - Sales Representative at 519-671-2773 or [email protected] You can also text 2717380 to 67299.

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    MLS ID: 560634

    Happy Coming to Canada Anniversary! (with an update)
    This is the account of events according to my uncle, Thomas Sobek (young man standing to the left in the group photo)

    " ...  (on) Sunday March 12 1967. We had stayed overnight in Utrecht, Holland (see group photo) and proceeded to Amsterdam. We boarded a 2-engine BEA (British European Airways) propeller plane to Heathrow.
    ... it was Sunday March 12 1967. We had stayed overnight in Utrecht, Holland (see group photo) and proceeded to Amsterdam. We boarded a 2-engine BEA (British European Airways) propeller plane to Heathrow. There we boarded a BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) Boeing 707 Jetliner. On the way up the gangway, because Juergen and Andrea (Schmidt) were carrying so many things for "The Baby" (Daniela), a Canadian said to Juergen: "Why did you not bring your fireplace?"

    We arrived at Toronto International Airport in Malton (today Pearson) around mid-day. They herded us with some other new immigrants into a reception hall where Daniela punched out a Yugoslav baby of about the same age. The building we arrived in does not exist anymore, neither does the new terminal that was opened up early in 1968. From there we took an Air Canada 48-seat 4-engined Vickers Viscount turbo-prop to London (Ontario) Airport. Juergen, do you remember the taxi we took? I was very disappointed because I expected a luxurious ride. It was the Checker Cab Company (not Checker Limos) that brought us to London's best hotel, 8-storey Hotel London, Dundas and Wellington, $ 7.00 per night, 80 cents for ham and egg breakfast served on silver platters the next morning (I didn't eat the breakfast, I was too cheap). The cab was a rattling light brown 1961 Pontiac Laurentian with retrofit black vinyl upholstery. The driver was a middle-aged Anglo ....

    The next morning, Monday, March 13 1967 life in Canada began. "

    My father (young man in the middle holding "the baby") followed up on Thomas' recollection with: 

    "Well it was much like you (Thomas) remembered. I had forgotten Daniela's right hook to the poor little girls chin. Well she was not that much smaller then Daniela. The most vivid memory is still the cold and the blue sky. And how badly people were dressed, well old fashioned. For Andrea it was particular funny to see young women dressed like her mother dressed 30 years earlier, while she was wearing mini skirts that became fashionable a year after our arrival. I still shiver thinking how cold our bus ride was out to Spivak's plant. And it was so far out of town! For our 50th maybe a party? Its only 2 years away and we could have the party later in the year or in Florida. Think about it. I also remember that the first people we had contact with all spoke Russian or Ukrainian and that our English was better then theirs. I still like to see what ever photos any one has. Juergen"

    posted by Daniela Schmidt

    127 MAIN Street WEST LORNE, N0L2P0
    Property Site: http://tour.circlepix.com/home/99UX8Q
    Bedrooms: 2
    Bathrooms: 1.00
    Price: $89,900

    For more information about this property, please contact DANIELA SCHMIDT - Sales Representative at (519) 438-8000 or [email protected] You can also text 2431820 to 67299.

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    Ontario Supreme Court Ruling about Registered Sex-Offenders
    Is a registry of sex offenders coming?

    I am personally not as worried about the registered sex offender living next door to me...I am worried about the unregistered sex offender living next door to me. 

    This is from recent London-St. Thomas Association of Realtors e- bulletin:
    Ontarians have the right to know if a sex offender lives nearby, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday.
    In a 7-0 decision, the Supreme Court upheld a lower court's ruling that gave citizens the right to know how many sex offenders live within a general geographic area in Ontario, based on the first three digits of a postal code. The court said releasing this information doesn't violate the province's privacy laws. The ruling doesn't give citizens the right to know names, addresses, or other personal information of sex offenders.
    The Ontario government argued that releasing information in its registry would lead to the identification of sex offenders, who could become victims of vigilantism.
    The seven justices disagreed and concluded that knowing the number of pedophiles who live within an area based on the first three digits of a postal code "could not lead to the identification of offenders or their home addresses."

    by Daniela Schmidt

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